An Evaluation of New England and Southern Colonies in the 17th Century

An Research of New England and Southern Colonies in the 17th Century

Settlement patterns, family life, populace growth, monetary and social structure, authorities/polity, education, and homes differed greatly in the brand new England and Southern colonies in the 17th-century. Although a family group could maneuver from Massachusetts to Virginia or from SC to Pennsylvania, without key readjustment, distinctions between social establishments within the individual colonies were marked.

Settlement of New England was financed in 1607 and proven in November, 1620 (Plymouth) by "THE NEXT Colony of Plymouth" (Marshall, 49; Tindall and Shi 65). "After the ship found rest, the travellers crowded on deck, and the spiritual included in this knelt down and prayed to God because of their deliverance" (Marshall 49, 52). They arrived safely. However, these were definately not settled; the legal process set up for Virginia had not been binding here, and these colonists had no rules of their personal for self-governance. Subsequently, those in control, drew up the "Mayflower Compact" (Marshall 52). This small created officers and afflicted their own legal process for self-governance (Marshall 52). Unlike the colonists in the South, the Pilgrims arrived through the winter, rendering it very complicated to cultivate the terrain around them, and endure (Marshall 52).

In New England, the first of all settlement of homes had been made of timber, probably split logs, and the cracks had been filled up with clay (Marshall 69). The earliest kind of roofing material employed by the Pilgrims was thatch (Marshall 69, 70; Tindall and Shi 130). Reeds and rushes were gathered from local swamps, bound into bundles, and fastened to the roof structure (Marshall 68). The thatch was piled layer after layer until it was about one foot heavy (Marshall 81). It could be said that these houses were of


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