An Research of the Autos and the idea of Better Energy Consumption

An Examination of the Vehicles and the idea of Better Energy Consumption

Cars that go 5,000 miles between fill-ups,

electric power plants you get like appliances, a global with radically

reduced pollution, and an improved standard of living. Appears like a

sci-fi pipe fantasy - if it weren't for each one of these automobile and power

companies spending billions to create it Jacques LeslieI'm at the

headquarters of Ballard Power Devices in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver,

and my big fuel cell moment is going to occur. Following the exemplory case of

the premier of Uk Columbia, the mayor of Chicago, and the seat of

the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority, I will drink the

exhaust from Ballard's prototype gasoline cell municipal bus. That is less

foolhardy than it sounds, because the just emission from the petrol cell

engine is water. Because of this, many persons feel that fuel cells can

change the universe. At Ballard, the exhaust-drinking routine is continuing to grow so

tiresome that when I require a sip, Paul Lancaster, Ballard's treasurer,

doesn't even offer me


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