AP Human being Geography Examine Guide Article

Chapter one particular

-What can be Scale?

What is the difference between local and global size?

-What are definitely the three strategies of scale and describe them.

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three or more. )

-What is discharge and what are the 4 types of distortion that may result from projection? What are right after between the Mercator and Peter's projections?

-What does the stating " homogeneous global landscape” mean?

-What does the thought the world is usually shrinking suggest? (4 things)

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-What is actually a transnational firm (T. C. )?

-What are the differences between a spot and a region?

-How are GPS UNIT and GIS different?

-How will be location, toponym and situation related?

-Name three types of regions and explain all of them.

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-What is usually " environmental determinism? ”

-Explain concentration and the a couple of different types.

Chapter 2

-WhereВ is the world's population given away?

-WhereВ has the world's populace increased?

-WhyВ is population elevating at different rates in different countries?

-WhyВ might the world encounter an overpopulation problem?

-What is denseness?

Exactly what the three types and what do they mean?

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three or more.

-What is the demographic transition model? (Name and explain all 4 stages) 1 )

2 .



-Population Pyramid (draw, label, and explain)

-Explain Thomas Malthus's Theory (give reason(s) pertaining to and against it)

-What is the epiemiologic transition style and how can it relate to the demographic transition model? As well name and explain almost all 4 phases and the likely 5th stage. (place one particular disease with each stage) (Explain factors behind this possible stage. ) 1 .

2 .




-Explain these abbreviations...







-What may be the ecumene?

Chapter 3

-Why do people migrate?

-Where are migrants distributed?

-Why do migrant workers face road blocks?

-Why carry out people move within a country?

-What is definitely an intervening obstacle?

-Explain Brain Drain.

-What is chain migration?

-Explain the difference between emigration and imigration.

Chapter some

-Where do folk and popular cultures originate and diffuse?

-Why is persons culture grouped?

-Why is popular traditions widely allocated?

-Why really does globalization of popular lifestyle cause problems?

-Explain multiple techniques how nationalities can diffuse.

-How really does popular tradition affect an atmosphere? (give by least one particular example)

-Explain how people and well-liked culture are very different.

Chapter your five

-Where are English-language speakers distributed?

-Why is English language related to additional languages?

-Where are other vocabulary families distributed?

-Why do people maintain local different languages?

-What is usually BRP?

-How is a language deemed isolated?

-What is a great extinct dialect?

-What is definitely Spanglish?

-Explain vulgar latin.

-People's key values and beliefs are normally found in their faith, an essential element of the definition of culture. Section 6

-Some religions will be global, built to appeal to the people throughout the world. Other religions are usually more local, created to appeal mostly to people in -geographically limited areas.

-Religious values happen to be as much part of identity as is language. Just how people set up this panorama is important to geographers.

-Where are religions distributed?

-Why do made use of have different droit?

-Why and exactly how do made use of organize space?

-Why carry out territorial disputes arise between religious groupings?

-What are the 3 most common made use of around the world? (label them universalizing or ethnic religions) 1 )

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-What are definitely the three iconic universalizing beliefs?

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2 .




-What are some ethnic religions? (name 5)

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-Compare the

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three universalizing



-What is the name with the place of worship for...

-Christianity called-

-Islam called-

-Buddhism called-

-Hinduism called-

-Judaism called-

-Explain cosmogony.

To be continued.......

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